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Hyundai Avante 1.6A- 3


Weekday (1 day) $70
Weekdays (2 days and above) $60
Weekend Package (Friday to Monday) $270
Weekly $450
Monthly $1500


Driver’s Age Between 18 and 70 years old
Driver’s Experience No minimum experience. New drivers welcomed!


Singapore Usage $200 one time (refundable)
Entry into Malaysia $300 one time (refundable)
Probation Plate Drivers $500 one time (refundable)
Long Term Leasing or PHV $500 one time (refundable)

Rental deposit only accepted in cash.


Adding named drivers $20 per driver (Not for PHV)
Entry to Malaysia (up to JB) $20 per calendar day
Entry to Malaysia (Up to KL) $30 per calendar day
Entry to Malaysia (Up to Ipoh) $40 per calendar day

Ride Now Private Limited reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and rental rates at any time without prior notice. Please call to check before making a booking.

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  • Highly recommended. One of the best if not the best car rental in SG. Travis is the guy to look... read more

    Javin Lim Avatar
    Javin Lim

    I was recommended by a friend to try Ride Now. Have a great experience with the service. The rental details... read more

    Dickson Lim Avatar
    Dickson Lim

    Recommended by a friend. Rented from Ride Now for the first time and had a wonderful experience. Car was very... read more

    Muhd Fikri Fazil Avatar
    Muhd Fikri Fazil

    Professional, friendly and honest..
    1. Decide to rent a Toyata Axio for 3days. Reasonable price offered. Mr Travis promptly reply all...
    read more

    Samer Soride Avatar
    Samer Soride
  • Travis is a great help! The office and garage is clean . Friendly staff .

    apai laziaf Avatar
    apai laziaf

    Have been renting from ride now since the first day I got my license, even after going to different rental... read more

    Eugune Liow Avatar
    Eugune Liow

    One of the best rental companies I have rented. Rented a silver Honda Stream over the weekend and below are... read more

    Khai Oras Avatar
    Khai Oras

    Rented a honda stream for weekend..despite an old car, the car perform great just like a new car. Returning the... read more

    Muhd Ridhuan Avatar
    Muhd Ridhuan
  • Friendly, fast and professional Service. First time renting from them and willing to attend to my every enquires. Will definitely... read more

    Kelvin Tong Avatar
    Kelvin Tong

    Very competitive price packages for a short rental. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable mechanics which allows for a fuss free... read more

    Jia Long Goh Avatar
    Jia Long Goh

    Travis is efficient, helpful and reasonable. Company is reliable too. Cars are in good condition.

    Pamela Lim Avatar
    Pamela Lim

    I am a regular customer of Ride Now. I like how Travis is flexible and handle things very efficiently. Even... read more

    wong hong sui Avatar
    wong hong sui
  • UPS LAH THIS TRAVIS SEAH! rented a car in February for a month expecting 30 days but only after I... read more

    Wesley Biebster Avatar
    Wesley Biebster

    Very honest company with no hidden cost and GST. Top notch service to your employee: Travis Seah. He is very... read more

    Raymond Chen Avatar
    Raymond Chen

    Attention and the service level were really great for a first timer.

    Sivasothy Nanthagopal Avatar
    Sivasothy Nanthagopal

    Rented a Hyundai Avante 1.6A from Ride Now, great service and experience, car ran well without any issues and was... read more

    Chin Kang Jie Avatar
    Chin Kang Jie
  • Have rent a few time with ride now. Great and friendly service! for sure will get back to them?

    Jason Ng Avatar
    Jason Ng

    Have rent a few time with ride now. Great and friendly service! for sure will get back to them?

    jason ng Avatar
    jason ng

    Well mannered people working there!! Travis is very professional and easy to deal with.. Hassle free booking and the refund... read more

    Nurul ร‘ Hady Avatar
    Nurul ร‘ Hady

    Highly recommended. We faced a bit of issue and Yong helped to send a replacement car all the way to... read more

    Muhammad Shafi Avatar
    Muhammad Shafi
  • Fast and efficient service. Whenever you need a car urgently, they will try and accommodate for you. Clean and well... read more

    Anaqi Anzari Avatar
    Anaqi Anzari

    Had a great experience renting cars from Ride Now. Their counter staffs are friendly and approachable, especially the lady which... read more

    mrsnowflakey Avatar

    easy and fast admin.
    car was clean!

    Vincent Leng Avatar
    Vincent Leng

    Great experience with Travis & team. Rented a Toyota Axio, got a good price and the condition of the car... read more

    Vasanth Natarajan Avatar
    Vasanth Natarajan
  • Process is smooth and car condition is excellent. You wonโ€™t regret renting from here! Have been renting twice so far ^^

    Avier Kai Avatar
    Avier Kai

    Honest car rental, no hidden costs, no tricks and gimmicks. Has the option of a CDL to reduce liability.
    I rented...
    read more

    Mervyn Wee Avatar
    Mervyn Wee

    positive review Amazing service, the workshop is right next to the office, which gave me the assurance that the car will be... read more

    Sarvin Singh Avatar
    Sarvin Singh

    positive review rent more than 8 times from them if i not wrong. the staff who serve me was super friendly. esp... read more

    Vincent Sim Avatar
    Vincent Sim
  • My go to car rental place! Travis knows the specific cars me and family prefers! hahaa technicians and staffs are... read more

    Farah Frediazsen Avatar
    Farah Frediazsen

    positive review Excellent customer service and cars are in tip top condition. After sales service is superb as well. Thumbs up to... read more

    Muhammad Suhairi Avatar
    Muhammad Suhairi

    positive review They all work as a team. Has been very satisfied with their service?

    Art'z Angelz Avatar
    Art'z Angelz

    positive review Excellent Service !!
    Not only their staff are friendly but their cars too. Cars are well maintained by their mechanics.
    read more

    Thiru Vilayadal Avatar
    Thiru Vilayadal
  • Excellent Service !!
    Not only their staff are friendly but their cars too. Cars are well maintained by their mechanics.
    read more

    Thiru selvan Avatar
    Thiru selvan

    positive review good service

    Feigou Teo Avatar
    Feigou Teo

    The go-to for car rental! Cars might be slightly older but they are definitely in good condition. Their team will... read more

    Junxiang Bai Avatar
    Junxiang Bai

    positive review Good service provided from Travis from RideNow. Rented a 523i with nice paintworkz n good condition. Thanks Travis n RideNow.

    Steven Kwek Avatar
    Steven Kwek
  • positive review Rented a car over the weekend and the service was really good! Very prompt replies and friendly staff. Car is... read more

    Jasper Goh Avatar
    Jasper Goh

    Rented twice, today will be the third time! Extremely good cars and service! Smooth and transparent rental company. Travis is... read more

    Charles Zee zee Avatar
    Charles Zee zee

    positive review Nothing but excellent and warm service from Travis and team. Ultra accomodating! If you're looking for a no-nonsense car rental,... read more

    Brandon Yeong Avatar
    Brandon Yeong

    positive review Prompt replies by Travis. Staff serving the counters are nice & friendly. We booked a car for driving into Malaysia... read more

    Aini Salleh Avatar
    Aini Salleh


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