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We’ve had a scammer posing as a sales person from our company just before Chinese New Year in 2020 and it made us really mad but we justified it by saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Afterall, we don’t call ourselves Singapore best car rental for nothing. In the end, we found his advertisement on Telegram and exposed his scams (thanks to a heads up from a kind customer). We hope none of our customers were affected by rental scams.

We have compiled some simple tips to spot and avoid scams:
  1. Check the validity of the bank account you are transferring your deposit to. Call the office and ask if you have to. Typically, scams involve getting customers to transfer money to their personal account.
  2. Ask for more pictures of the cars. Legitimate companies will be able to produce more photos of the actual car for rent. Beware of people using generic stock photos to sell their vehicle.
  3. Insist on getting official agreement bearing company header with terms and conditions clearly stated. Avoid word of mouth agreements.
  4. Check the vehicle’s log card to verify the ownership of the vehicle. Illegally sublet vehicles do not have insurance coverage for non-registered drivers.
We don’t wish for our current customers to fall in suchs scams, so please follow some of this tips we have provided:
  1. Our sales team uses the numbers 91380218, 91381928, and 84888000. If you receive any messages from any other numbers, do drop us a call at 67343438 to verify its validity.
  2. We only accept advance payments to our corporate accounts via PayNow and iBank. No transfer to any personal bank accounts.
  3. All credit card payment links are sent via the official sales team’s numbers.
  4. Our team members will be wearing the company t-shirt bearing our logo. If you receive a car from somebody not wearing our logo, do call us at 67343438 to confirm if that person is an authorised representative.

Let’s all help to eliminate car rental scams and change the perception of the rental industry!

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Love, Ride Now Team
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    yayaya lol

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    Chester Koh

    Great service

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    Experience techs and good service.

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    Efficient, fast service, overall a pleasure dealing with pinpointing and fixing issues with the ride. Good pricing too. Highly recommended!

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    Have rent a few time with ride now. Great and friendly service! for sure will get back to them?

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