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(Updated 22 September 2020)

Ride Now Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore with the company registration number 201628643D and its registered address at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-40 WCEGA Plaza Singapore 658064 (“Ride Now“, “we“, or “us“).

Ride Now is Ride Now and operator of and any of its subdomains or subpages (the “Website“). The services provided by Ride Now include but are not limited to the provision of car rental services for both leisure and commercial usage. For the avoidance of doubt, the Vehicles that are rented out to the Hirers may or may not be owned by Ride Now, and may be the property of the relevant car rental operators (“Ride Now Partners“) who have authorised Ride Now to utilise such Vehicles for the provision of the Services. Ride Now Partners include but are not limited to JCM Rental Pte Ltd (company registration number 201711659M), TCRP Pte Ltd (company registration number 201800913H), RN Leasing Pte Ltd (company registration number 201712341E).

This page stipulates the terms and conditions (this “Agreement“) between Ride Now and you as a user of our Services (“Hirer” and/or “you“). Please read this Agreement carefully before using the Services provided by Ride Now, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and unconditionally agree to be bound, without any limitation or qualification, by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Ride Now reserves the right to change this Agreement from time to time, and post the new version on this website. Your continued use of Ride Now services after such changes are posted will constitute your agreement to such changed Terms and Conditions. In case of dispute, Ride Now reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of the terms and conditions in this Agreement.

It is hereby agreed between Ride Now and the Hirer as follows:

    1. The Hirer states that he/she is physically and legally qualified to operate the above-described vehicle.
    2. The Hirer is responsible to ensure his driving license is valid at any point of time during the rental. In the event the Hirer license is revoked, it is the duty of Hirer to inform Ride Now immediately.
    1. Hirer acknowledge that the vehicle which he has rented from Ride Now will not be used for speeding, overseas usage or any unlawful activity. Whilst the vehicle is in his possession and is driven in or outside of Singapore if applicable, he will be held fully responsible for any, but not limited to, vehicular accident, damages, lose, fire or theft caused to this vehicle.
    2. The vehicle is strictly for use in SINGAPORE only and is not allowed to be driven out of Singapore without prior consent from Ride Now.
    3. No speeding, reckless driving, racing or any illegal activities shall be carried out during the use of this vehicle. Ride Now reserves the rights to repossess the vehicle with additional S$3,000/- compensation and any other cost incurred, if any.
    4. The hirer is liable for full cost of repair & other losses suffered by Ride Now should the vehicle be found damaged or stolen while being driven by unauthorized drivers.
    5. Only the hirer or any authorized driver may use the vehicle. If another driver apart from the hirer or authorized driver is found using the vehicle, Ride Now will have the right to repossess the vehicle stated above and the hirer will be held fully responsible for any, but not limited to, vehicular accident, damages, loss, fire, or theft caused to this vehicle.
    6. Should the vehicle be involved in any traffic offences during the period, the hirer agrees to be liable for any issues with the vehicle that arise under your care and agree to pay all fines levied or imposed from any government or semi-government authorities.
    7. All hired vehicles have to refuel using unleaded 95/98 or V power, unless it is a diesel vehicle.
    8. Smoking, food consumption or transportation of pets is not allowed in the rented vehicle. Hirer will bear the cost of any cleaning services required if car is dirty.
    1. If the vehicle stated above meets with an accident, the hirer or authorized driver has to inform Ride Now immediately. No repair is to be done without Ride Now’s approval. If the hirer or authorized driver is found towing and/or repairing the rented vehicle at any unauthorized workshop, a penalty of S$3,000/- will be imposed.
    2. Breakdown Helpline (24 hours): 9668 8329
    3. Any damage, which includes physical damage or any general damage, to the rented vehicle, will be borne by the hirer and payment of repair cost has to be made immediately unless any other alternative arrangements is made with Ride Now.
    4. The vehicle is covered by only 3rd party insurance:
      1. Driving in Singapore: Third party excess per accident SGD3500/-
      2. Diving in Malaysia: Third party excess per accident SGD5000/-
      3. Drivers with any of the following conditions: Third party excess per accident SGD3000/- (additional)
        1. 22 years and below; or
        2. 65 years and above
        3. with less than 2 years driving experience in Singapore regardless of ageThe hirer has to take responsibility for any damage to the rented vehicle, as it is not covered under the 3rd party insurance scheme.
    5. Hirer or authorized driver has to report to Ride Now any accident, whether severe or minor, within 24 hours, after which the agreed excess amount has to be paid in full to Ride Now. If the hirer fails to report any accident, insurance may repudiate the case and all claims will be reported directly against Hirer.
    6. In the event of an accident, the Hirer shall:
      1. take photos of the accident scene (lane markings to be visible) BEFORE moving the vehicle;
      2. record vehicle registration numbers, IC photos and contact numbers of the parties involved and of any witnesses around;
      3. not admit fault or liability;
      4. not abandon the vehicle without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing the vehicle;
      5. notify Ride Now immediately; and
      6. make a police report if any party suffers injury
    1. The maintenance and wear and tear of the vehicle will be borne by Ride Now. If there is any problem due to wear and tear or vehicle breakdown, the driver is to report to Ride Now immediately and seek advice/permission before proceeding to fix the issue.
    2. The hirer agrees that the following does not constitute as a breakdown: punctured tyres, empty petrol tank, discharged/flat battery, steering wheel locked, loss of keys, keys locked in vehicle, or any other breakdown not due to vehicle’s maintenance or wear and tear. In the event of such misfortune, a nominal fee of $20-$300 will be charged for on-site assistance.
    3. Failure to turn up for scheduled service and maintenance work may result in damages of the vehicle. Ride Now reserves its right to demand for the appropriate compensation from the Hirer for any repair cost resulted from the failure to turn up for the service and maintenance work.
    4. The driver must take note of the engine temperature at all times (the temperature should not exceed the middle mark between cold and hot). If the engine temperature is higher than the middle mark, the driver is to report to Ride Now immediately, otherwise damages to the vehicle due to overheating will be considered hirer’s negligence and any repair and any miscellaneous cost shall be borne by the hirer.
    1. The hirer or authorized driver needs to return the vehicle fuel at the same level he/she rented from Ride Now otherwise a charge of S$25/- will be charged to the hirer or authorized driver for every quarter of whole petrol tank used. There is no refund for any additional fuel returned.
    2. Vehicle is handed over clean and it should be returned clean. If vehicle is returned dirty, a nominal charge of S$10/- shall be collected.
    3. Ride Now will not be responsible for loss of or damage to personal belongings and the contents therein (including any valuables, even if we have been advised) during storage or during the disposal process caused and you hereby release Ride Now from any liability in respect thereof.
    4. A surcharge of S$10 (30 minutes), S$20 (1 hour) shall be levied on any vehicle returned after the stipulated returning timing.
    5. There will be no refunds of rental for any returns before the stipulated return date and time.
    6. Should there be any breaches to any of the above clauses, Ride Now reserves the right to repossess the vehicle–along with any personal belongings in the vehicle–without any refund of rental and/or deposit with a compensation of SGD$3000.00/- imposed.
    1. Each of the Ride Now Partners shall be entitled to the benefit of Ride Now rights under the relevant terms of this Agreement, which shall include without limitation to the provisions relating to car rental, accident repair, insurance matters, processing rentals and all car related matters. Such Ride Now Partners shall be entitled to enforce the aforesaid provisions as if they were a party to this Agreement. Save as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, no person who is not a party to this Agreement may enforce or is entitled to the benefit of any provision of this Agreement.
    2. The consent of the Ride Now Partners shall not be required for any amendment to, termination, or rescission of this Agreement.